Reports of sexual assault in U.S. military increased by 13% in 2022

Reports of rape in the US military have increased exponentially, more than 13% from the past monetary year, driven by a sharp expansion in reports from the US Army when the army is battling to meet recruiting goals.

In the Army, reports of rape expanded 25.6% from fiscal year 2020 to monetary year 2021, as per information from the most recent report on rape in the military delivered on Thursday.

The Navy saw an increase of 9.2% in reports of rape, while the Air Force and the Marines each saw an increase of roughly 2%.


Reports of Rape in 2021

Altogether, the military got 8,866 reports of rape in fiscal year 2021, the information showed. The earlier year, the military got 7,916 such reports.

The financial year shrouded in the report was from October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021, and the paces of increment are contrasting monetary year 2020 measurements with monetary year 2021 measurements.


Managing Issue A Main Concern

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has prioritized combating sexual assault as a major issue since his initial tenure at the Pentagon, regarding it as a serious problem within the military. On Thursday, Austin issued a comprehensive notice through the Department, renewing efforts to “enhance initiatives aimed at addressing military sexual assault,” as highlighted by Elizabeth Foster, the Executive Director of the Department of Defense Office of Force Resiliency, during a briefing at the Pentagon.

During the preparation on the report Department of Defense authorities said the US military needs to move from attracting attention to the issues of attacks inside the military and among the administrations to improving at forestalling them.

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