Building a Mosque in Islam! Sadaqah e Jariyah:

Building a Masjid/Mosque in Islam! Sadqa e Jariyah:

After a detailed study on Islam, there are too many ways to earn (rewards) sawab  which will benefits in the world and benefits you after life. Some acts of kindness are which rewards you after death, are called Sadqa-e-Jariah.

Islam believes on kindness and humanity. Allah (god) will give higher rank to all those who work for betterment of human life and create ease for other human beings. Mosque is not just a place for worship (ibadat) but it also teach children and elders to live a better life.

The mosque’s Imam used to oversee both small and large class sessions, resembling a school setup, providing suitable teachers to prepare individuals for a life that yields benefits not only in this world but also in the hereafter.

Sadqa-e-jariyah is a same like a investment solution. You invert here in Sadqas and get benefits in very long-run like this will give you on going benefits.

Why you need to Build a Mosque?

Once Abu-Hurairah said that when someone leaves, his deeds will be finished apart of these 3; Sadqa-e-jariah, his beneficial guidance to someone and his children who pray for his maghfirat.

There are so many way to invest and earn rewards (naiki) in Islam but as per understandings, this will benefit more and people and ultimate you will get a bigger reward in and after life.

Here are simple steps to build a Mosque/Masjid:

Build a mosque / masjid in Islam
Build a mosque / masjid in Islam

Step 1# Get to know the amount of Investment:

First of all you need to know the amount you require to build a mosque and make sure this must be sufficient for building a proper Mosque.

Step 2# Choose the Right Place to create a Mosque:

This is very import factor. You have to choose a place where in the radius of 3-4km there is no masjid. Don’t build where already a mosque, try to benefit Muslims who don’t have any or have to travel much to perform their worships.

Step 3# Talk to any Imam and take his suggestions:

Building a masjid is not like building a house or a building. You need to discuss with Imam who will be managing Mosques (Imam)because he know better than anyone.


All kind of good deeds will benefits you but constructing a mosque is like spreading Islam and giving ease to all Muslims so ultimately this is rewards you the most rest totally up to Allah (God).

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