Study in Canada: Application Process

Canada reliably positions as quite possibly one of the best country on the planet, and is right now the best country for quality of life. Study in Canada, and you’ll get globally recognized education from a portion of the top teachers and academics in the world.

International students opting to pursue their education in Canada can enjoy various advantages. The unique experience has the power to profoundly influence and shape their lives. It might open doors to a career and future in Canada, or it could improve career prospects in their home country. Regardless, it provides access to Canada’s four distinct seasons, vast landscapes, abundant wildlife, multicultural diversity, clean environment, and exceptional quality of life.


What Is A Study Permit?

The study permit is a record we issue that permits non-Canadians to learn at Designated learning Institutions (DLIs) in Canada. Almost all foreigners need a study permit to study in Canada. Ensure you have every one of the records you really want before you apply.

Your study permit is not a visa. It does not allows you to enter Canada. You may likewise require a visit visa or an electronic travel authorization (eTA).


Eligibility Requirements

To study at Canada you need to fulfill some requirements which are as follows;

  1. You should be fully vaccinated
  • Those who are under 18 don’t have to be fully vaccinated.


  1. You should be enrolled at a DLI
  2. Prove of money (for checking that you can pay for)
  • Your tuition fee
  • Living expenses
  • Return transportation


  1. You should obey the law and have no criminal record
  2. You should be healthy
  3. Prove to an official that you will leave Canada when your study permit expires


Get Your Documents Ready

When you apply for the study permit, you should submit the following documents


  • An acceptance letter from a DLI you’ll be attending
  • Complete all the needed documents for the application


Apply online

To apply for a study permit, you have to apply online, whether you are outside Canada or not.

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