71st Miss USA 2022

Miss USA 2022 Crowned

The 71st  Miss USA 2022 was crowned on Monday during a live two-hour broadcast that included everything from environmental change to racial tension.

At Once, Zuri Hall hosted the Miss USA for the second year in a row, with Julissa Bermudez and Micah Jesse. The event also included a special performance by renowned pianist, Chloe Flower.

The competition was held in Reno, Nev. at the Grand Sierra Resort.

The judging panel comprised Ashlee Clarke, Soo Yeon Lee, Kirk Myers, Olivia Ponton, Aaron Potts, and Nicole Williams.

In the midst of a progression of emotional eliminations, five contestants remained;

  • Angel Reyes (Miss Illinois)
  • Natalie Pieper (Miss Nebraska)
  • Morgan Romano (Miss North Carolina)
  • Sir’Quora Carroll (Miss Ohio)
  • R’Bonney Gabriel (Miss Texas)

In front of you, here are the top contestants and the winner of Miss USA 2022.

Miss USA 2022 Winner

  1. Angel Reyes (Miss Illinois)

She is a medical aesthetics professional and a beauty queen from Illinois.

Angel Reyes (Miss Illinois)
Angel Reyes (Miss Illinois)
  1. Sir’Quora Carroll (Miss Ohio)

She is a fashion model and a beauty queen from Ohio.

Sir’Quora Carroll (Miss Ohio)
Sir’Quora Carroll (Miss Ohio)
  1. Natalie Pieper (Miss Nebraska)

She is a lawyer, a ballet dancer and a beauty queen from Nebraska.

Natalie Pieper (Miss Nebraska)
Natalie Pieper (Miss Nebraska)
  1. Morgan Romano (Miss North Carolina)

She is an engineer and a beauty queen from North Carolina.

Morgan Romano (Miss North Carolina)
Morgan Romano (Miss North Carolina)
  1. R’Bonney Gabriel (Miss Texas)

R’ Bonney Gabriel is 28-year-old and she is a Filipino-American fashion designer, model and beauty queen from Texas. In addition to this, she is also a sewing teacher at a non-profit organization, which reuses clothes to create sustainable clothing.

R’Bonney Gabriel (Miss Texas)
R’Bonney Gabriel (Miss Texas)

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