Ubisoft Unveils Their New Title, Star Wars Outlaws, With Gameplay

Star Wars is a franchise loved by many; well, it has been on the focal point of criticisms from many but that is besides the point. Anyways, Star Wars had a rough run with their last game title Star Wars Battlefront that had many micro-transactions, early patches and some community outbursts which never let it reach its full potential. Now, Ubisoft has showcased a new franchise in the Star Wars world titled ‘Star Wars Outlaws’.


However, Ubisoft has recently unveiled a new Star Wars title with an open-world experience which from the looks of it looks pretty promising. So, let us take a quick dive into it and see what we have in our hands so far. 


The Main Character & The Story!

First things first, it is always a treat to see a strong female lead in a video game franchise. The name of the character is Kay Vess with her adorable sidekick Nix. What we love about her look so far is how she is channelling that Han Solo energy throughout the gameplay footage.


What We Get to See in The Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay Footage

Kay Vess and Nix can be seen sneaking through a criminal syndicate area, which is based on the planet of Toshara. The main highlight of this footage is the combat system, the weapons and the agility maneuvers that can help us gauge what the gameplay will be like for now. 


You can see enemies with energy shields, Kay Vess rocking a blaster pistol; however, the coolest and the most neat part about the combat system is how her sidekick Nix can retrieve rifles and ammunition from enemies once they have been dealt with. 


Additionally, there’s a glimpse of action involving a speeder bike and space combat aboard a ship, seamlessly transitioning between scenes without any apparent loading (assuming this remains the case upon the game’s release). This suggests the existence of various sandboxes, combat scenarios, and vehicles available for gameplay within the game.

In Conclusion

Ubisoft hinted that the game will hit the shelves sometime in 2024 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X and PC. The game is entirely developed in the studio’s very own Snowdrop Engine and looks very promising so far.


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